Fordham University’s Rose Hill Community Solar Project


Fordham University is a shining example of a school leading the transition to a renewable energy future. They are utilizing an innovative NY-State incentive called remote net metering, which credits their campuses for the clean energy generated at an off-site solar system. The off-site solar installation on Staten Island generates energy equivalent to offsetting 20 percent of the University's electricity consumption and 37 percent of Fordham Preparatory School’s consumption. But their sustainability efforts have not stopped there. Fordham’s latest solar initiative is a community solar project atop their Rose Hill Parking Garage that will allow the local community to share in the benefits of the clean energy.

In the community solar project model, the value of the system’s energy production is shared with the Fordham community (faculty, staff, alumni, etc.) who participate as “subscribers.” Households within the same utility territory can easily opt in, whereupon a portion of the solar project is allocated to them based on their monthly electricity consumption. As the solar system generates energy, the subscriber receives credits that offset the cost of his or her monthly electricity bill. The community solar model also allows subscribers of the Rose Hill Community Solar Project to benefit from guaranteed cash savings on their Con Edison bill every month.

This solar photovoltaic system enables Fordham’s community to participate in a renewable energy project without having to install a solar array themselves. This is an especially attractive opportunity for people who may not have roof space or property with optimal on-site solar potential. Fordham hosts the Rose Hill system in the Bronx, and it provides the benefits of clean energy to participants throughout all five boroughs of New York City and Westchester County.

The project is also a highly visible statement of Fordham’s commitment to sustainability. Now, more than ever, students are expecting their schools to reduce their carbon footprints in noticeable ways. Hosting a solar system on campus provides the students first-hand experience with photovoltaic technology, and schools can even integrate the project into their engineering and environmental science curricula to enhance the academic experience.

Fordham University’s solar initiatives show how a school’s sustainability efforts can benefit its student body and extend beyond the campus to enrich its local community. Educational institutions are at the cutting edge when it comes to developing and implementing renewable energy, and EnterSolar can help make the transition to solar easy and seamless. We have partnered with universities, such as Fordham University and Cornell Tech, as well as leading preparatory schools, including The Kent School, Cardinal Spellman High School and Fordham Preparatory School to provide them with turnkey solar solutions. Our experienced team guides clients through the various solar financing options, provides expert designing and engineering, manages the installation, and offers operations and maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more about community solar and how it might fit into your school’s sustainability efforts.