Educational institutions have always been pioneers in cultivating advanced ideas, fostering entrepreneurial talent and developing leading-edge technology. 

The new solar system on your campus shouldn’t be an isolated event; it can be successfully incorporated into your academic mission. EnterSolarEDU® will work closely with you to integrate your power solution into your engineering, entrepreneurship and environmental science curricula to enhance the academic experience.

Integrate Your Solar Project with Your Green Curriculum    
To help support high school and university STEM programs, EnterSolarEDU® not only launches your large-scale solar project, but can also provide the materials and resources
to align your power solution with your educational course work. We offer a range of proprietary energy lesson plans and curricula in close consultation with our in-house energy experts.

Enrich Your Academic Mission      
Our EnterSolarEDU® division has proudly collaborated with universities, including Cornell Tech and Fordham University, as well as leading preparatory schools, such as The Kent School, Cardinal Spellman High School and Fordham Preparatory School. Our energy professionals help enable your faculty to unlock the educational and social value of your project and support your environmental and engineering studies.

Advance the Sustainability Movement   
Academic institutions are embracing a shift in values towards a sustainable future. Unlike early solar projects, which were often simply a proof of concept, today’s solar initiative can fully engage students and faculty to be leaders in sustainability and drive immediate change. We know that initiating a new project can be complex. Our commitment
is to work closely with you to build understanding and enlist support for your project across your stakeholder network.


Cardinal Spellman High School off-site rooftop project
in Brooklyn, NY


The perfect time to begin a solar initiative is NOW.

EnterSolarEDU® manages every aspect of your project: 

  • On-site Solar Assessment

  • Project Scoping

  • Energy Consumption Analysis

  • Project Financing

  • Tax & Accounting Support

  • System Design & Engineering

  • Structural Assessment

  • Project Permitting & Zoning

  • Project Management

  • Ongoing Operations & Maintenance

  • Maximized Warranty Terms

  • 24/7 System Monitoring

  • Expert Integration of Solar Solution into STEM Curriculum